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Dear Patients,

It's time to get revitalized. I like that word although I'm not entirely sure what it means. I'm going to translate it as a reminder to educate my patients on the overall health benefits of chiropractic. Most patients walk through our doors with some ache or pain that we usually can help with. After 14 years in practice I continue to be remiss in relaying the chiropractic story to these patients. Fortunately, many experience it for themselves, coming in after a few weeks of care for a neck ache asking me if it's possible we could have helped with their insomnia as well. "Yeah, yeah, I should have told you. The adjustments that help your posture and relieve that nerve/muscle pain also allow your body to function better. The side effects could help you with a laundry list of apparently unrelated problems." I'm so concerned I'm going to come off as a time-share salesman that I neglect to impress upon you how beneficial your treatment can be. For those of you who are new to chiropractic but have had a few treatments think about how you felt when you started, how you feel now and whether there are other aspects of your health that have improved with your experience. It's not a coincidence. It's the revitalizing aspects of chiropractic care. I need to stop being so selfish with this secret and let all of you know how powerful this can be. Wish me luck with this New Year's resolution and enjoy our latest e-mail newsletter. Feel free to email me comments, questions and feedback. Take care,

Dr Dave Sandefur

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food inc

Food, Inc.

I recently watched the documentary Food, Inc. It's wasn't as scary as I'd expected. It talked about ammonia in our meat, the dominance of corporate control over our food system, the inhumane treatment of animals and our corn syrup addiction (I had already learned about our addiction to corn in the documentary King Corn). I would recommend watching Food, Inc. but it wasn't a big surprise.

Lately I've become more concerned with research that has shown that even healthy American diets promote inflammation which leads to many health concerns - not the least of which is heart disease. Anabolic Laboratories (the vitamin supplier of our office and the best quality in the industry) has offered some supplement suggestions to help offset our unhealthy diet: 1) Multivitamin, 2) Vitamin D, 3) EPA/DHA from Fish Oil and 4) Magnesium. I already take their multi, I live in Florida so I decided my sunshine quota was enough to cover the vitamin D and I vowed to start eating more fish in 2010 - that left Magnesium. I added Magnesium to my daily vitamin regimen (and by daily I mean 3-4 days a week if I'm lucky).

Speaking of fish oil, you should be skeptical of the salesman who doesn't take his own product. I'm the opposite. I take my own product and guiltily forget to remind my patients of the amazing benefits of our nutritional supplements. If you have any questions about our vitamins please don't hesitate to ask. Along with chiropractic, nutrition is a key component of a healthy lifestyle and I'm sorry I neglect to remind you of this as often as I should.

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back massage

Massage Envy Envy

The Walmart of massage has recently opened near the office and we have had several patients enjoy their services. Massage Envy has a great concept and its simplified approach to massage therapy is why it has been so successful. What people don't realize is that our rates have always been better than Massage Envy. They offer an "introductory" one-hour massage for $39 hoping to sell you a contract for a monthly obligation. The year-long contract commits you to $49 per month. This entitles you to one complimentary hour massage per month with future hours at the $39 membership rate.

To compare, our massage rates* are $30 per half hour and/or $55 per hour. It sounds like I just offered an advertisement for Massage Envy but the way we get ahead is in the "tipping" department. Massage Envy therapists expect to be tipped. Interviewing one of their therapist revealed that a usual tip is $15-20 for an hour massage. We pay our therapists with the understanding that tipping is discouraged. We have many patients that require therapeutic treatment several times per week and it would be overwhelming to expect these patients to tip, therefore we discourage tipping across the board and our therapists understand this.

With this information you can quickly see that massage sessions in our doctor's office are more economical. Before considering Massage Envy give our office a try. We have better prices, convenient hours, multiple locations and we won't try to lock you into a year-long contract. To help prove my point, for the month of February we're going to match their $39 hour massage offer. Call us today to schedule an appointment and you can save your tip for dinner.

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spinal adjustment

The Treatment - Serialized Story of My Auto Accident
- Part 4

(of 6 - you can read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 in our web archives)

I spent the first four years of my life in Missouri which explains my "show me" mentality. I grew up with both parents as chiropractors, had chiropractic treatment since birth and was reinforced of its usefulness with 4 years of chiropractic college but still didn't appreciate its concrete effectiveness until seeing the results in my own patients. As far as I'm concerned it is an absolute fact that chiropractic care following the spinal injuries suffered in a car accident is the ultimate treatment regimen. After I was given a diagnosis I signed up for the exact treatment plan that I offer my accident patients - three times per week of chiropractic adjustments, muscular therapy and lower back rehabilitation for 12-15 weeks. Dr. Jaime supplied the treatment and altered the program as I progressed and healed. The benefits were huge. Although I never really complained of neck or upper back pain I knew that they had been effected in the accident - my x-rays proved it. These areas recovered completely with treatment. My lower back and left shoulder were helped immensely but didn't fully recover. There were permanent injuries that offered an education in the litigious system that many of our patients are subjected to - it was another chance for me to experience a facet of this process first hand. I selected an attorney based on a referral from family (the very best way to find an attorney). He was someone our office had not worked with which helped avoid any conflict that might have come up with an office that we work with regularly. Look for my next installment where I'll talk about the legal process and how that turned out.

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*These rates apply only to cash at time of service and do not reflect insurance rates. I didn't even mention that since we are a doctor's office many insurance companies will reimburse for some or all of your massage expense. If you have health insurance you should certainly choose our office for massage therapy.


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