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Thanks for taking a few minutes to look through our inaugural e-newsletter. I plan to get these out to you every couple of months. They will include the latest news on chiropractic, interesting clinical studies from our offices and upcoming events and/or changes of schedule. I want the information to be fun and remind you of the health benefits of regular chiropractic care. In an attempt to avoid your spam folder I will include the occasional coupon and/or juicy office gossip. You're safe though - HIPPA regulations prevent me from spreading any juicy patient gossip :). In any case enjoy these, forward them to your friends and family like a bad joke and offer any feedback to us for improvement.

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Inaugural e-newsletter

In this issue:

Florida Chiropractor welcomes Christopher C.J. Hubler

Florida Chiropractor welcomes Christopher "C.J." Hubler

Florida Chiropractor was excited to welcome an addition to one of our staff members - Jessica had her baby boy Christopher John "C.J." Hubler on Friday, February 13th at 11:50 am. He was a healthy 6 1/2 pounds and was 20 inches. We had a contest to guess the day of delivery. I picked it right and so did patient's Virginia G. and Debra B. We all won massage gift certificates!

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Jerry Rice - A Chiropractic Success Story

Jerry Rice - A Chiropractic Success Story

The March issue of To Your Health magazine features an impressive article about football legend Jerry Rice and his experience with chiropractic. Jerry Rice played in the NFL for 20 years, most notably as a member of the San Francisco 49ers during the Joe Montana and Steve Young eras. Considering the average NFL career lasts 3.5 years, just his longevity is a feat, not to mention his amazing success as a receiver. Those of you who do not remember his football prowess may recall his runner-up success on the hit TV show "Dancing With The Stars." Jerry attributes much of his long-term success to regular adjustments from his chiropractor. "I've enjoyed considerable longevity as a professional athlete. I am now working on longevity in life. Chiropractic care has been and continues to be a key element of my game plan."

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Florida Chiropractor's Once-a-Month Club

The "Once-a-Month" Club

Most patients are introduced to chiropractic because of an injury or an unexplained ache. Sometimes this problem is quickly corrected and the patient may not return for care until their next problem. Many issues are the result of multiple problems. For example - an unexplained pain in the upper back is usually caused by poor posture in the neck combined with misalignments in the spine resulting in painful muscle spasms that can be unrelenting. This common complaint often takes several treatments over a few weeks to relieve the patient. It is during these multiple treatment experiences when patients inevitably absorb the side effects of chiropractic care: the correction of symptoms that they had never related to the spine. Headaches, insomnia, fatigue, digestion problems are just a few that have spontaneously improved with chiropractic care. These patients can't help but grasp the healing effects of a healthy spine.

When the spine is functioning well, the nervous system performs better, helping the entire body live at its best. These patient's often relate to me, "I want to be as healthy as I can be. I watch what I eat, I exercise, I take vitamins and I try to get 6-8 hours of sleep. I feel like I should keep well adjusted too. What do you recommend for a maintenance schedule for chiropractic?" My answer is, "Join the 'once-a-month' club." I have been treating many of my "once-a-month" patients for twelve years now and it is amazing to see the difference in the quality of life with this simple plan. Give it a try. I challenge you to join for just one year and you will be astounded at how different life will be.

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car accident

My serialized story of my car accident of '04

My trial is finally over and it's public record now so I'm anxious to tell all of you my story. I was advised not to talk about it until it was over, and it is definitely over. I'm hoping this little story will interest you and offer helpful information about handling all aspects of an accident injury. I'll tell you about the crash and what happened that day, how my truck was totaled as it rolled through an intersection landing on its roof, what I felt immediately and the pain that started later in the week, the treatment plan I followed, my experience with the insurance companies, my decision to contact an attorney - the paperwork, the depositions, the mediations, finally the trial - and how I'm doing today. Look for the story of the "crash" in the next issue.

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