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Dear Patients,

It seems you can't hide from politics these days. Just in the past couple of months we've had the passage of a National Healthcare Reform Bill and a state battle between teachers and education reform. When patients ask me how the healthcare bill will affect chiropractic my answer has been, "Insurance for chiropractic is so restricted, the only way it could get worse is if it were eliminated completely - and in the long run getting rid of insurance all together might not be such a bad idea." As far as the education bill that was vetoed by Governor Christ my perspective was influenced by the dozen or so teachers that took the time to inform me of their united disdain of this potential bill. I'm not sure which side had the best plan but if I were constructing an education bill I'd think the unified opinion of our teachers might be an important thing to consider. But I know better than to get too vocal about politics. I do like to stay involved, though. In April, I traveled with the FCA (Florida Chiropractic Association) to Tallahassee for Chiropractic Day at the Capitol. We do this to remind our legislators that we appreciate their support for our profession. Fortunately for me, I've managed to develop some close relationships with many of our local Senators and Representatives. In fact, many of them and/or their families are patients of mine - if not chiropractors themselves! I'm not allowed to tell you who but it's hard for them to deny their support of chiropractic when they depend on our profession for their own health!

 FCA (Florida Chiropractic Association) in Tallahassee

You may believe otherwise but trust me - these politicians are really there to serve you. They're not in this for their own fulfillment, but rather as a desire for public service. Do your best to support them and let them know what they could do to make things better for you. They love to hear from you. If you're not involved you're not allowed to complain :)

Dr Dave Sandefur

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Florida Chiropractor Welcomes Dr. Colby Staubs

Florida Chiropractor Welcomes Dr. Colby Staubs + New Patient Special!!

We are happy to welcome the newest member of our team to Florida Chiropractor - Dr. Colby Staubs. Dr. Staubs graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida with honors in March of 2010. He received his Bachelors of Arts degree from The Ohio State University, where he was an academic All-American and a member of the 2002 National Championship Football team (ask him to show you his ring!). A shoulder injury ended his football career and he was steered towards a career in chiropractic.

Dr. Colby was selected for our associate position after a 3-month search that included interviews with over a dozen potential candidates. You should feel confident in his abilities as he becomes more involved with Florida Chiropractor.

We're excited to help Dr. Staubs build his practice. We need you to assist and we plan to make it worth your while. Tell all your friends and family that may have been considering chiropractic care that this is their time.

New Patient Special

During the month of May we'll be having a "New Patient Special" for Dr. Staubs. Our regular new patient fee of $150 which includes consultation, examination, x-rays and treatment will be reduced to only $50!!

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone considering chiropractic.

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Cervicogenic Headache Helped with Chiropractic According to Study

A scientific study published in the February 2010 issue of The Spine Journal from the North American Spine Society offered future evidence of how chiropractic helps headaches. The study was conducted at Western States Chiropractic College by the Dean of Research, Dr. Mitchell Haas, who is also a faculty member of that institution.

The results showed a significant decrease in pain for the group that received chiropractic care over the group that did not receive any care at all. Both the groups that received chiropractic showed an approximate 50 percent decrease in the number of cervicogenic headaches as well as a decrease in severity.

The researchers wrote in their conclusion, "Clinically important differences between SMT (spinal manipulative therapy, aka chiropractic adjustments) and a control intervention were observed favoring chiropractic care."

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state-of-the-art decompression therapy table

Florida Chiropractor Now Offering Surgery Alternative

The results are in and after a year of utilizing our state-of-the-art decompression therapy table I'm happy to reveal that it has been a huge success.

"I tried decompression therapy for tingling in my right hand. This had bothered me for years and after only 4 treatments I noticed improvement. After my 12 treatment plan it was almost completely gone!" - Mary B.

Decompression therapy is a computer controlled intermittent traction for the neck, upper back or lower back. It works by physically "decompressing" disc bulges/herniations and the pumping action also hydrates the disc and encourages healing. It can be effective on new injuries or old problems. Symptoms such as arm tingling, sciatica, restless leg syndrome as well as chronic neck or back pain have responded phenomenally to decompression therapy.

"For several months I had unrelenting pain in my left thigh. When my leg became weak I knew I had to do something. 15 sessions of decompression and I'm back to normal." - John V.

You can find unbiased opinions about decompression from ehow.com at http://www.ehow.com/about_6174766_decompression-therapy-back-pain.html. We offer treatment regimens for pain and radicular symptoms associated with disc problems in any area of the spine. A treatment session lasts from 10-20 minutes and 12-18 sessions may be required. The procedure is painless. The patients lies down and the neck or the lower back is stretched utilizing table pneumatics and comfortable bracing. Often times the plan is covered by insurance - cash fees are the most economical in the Tampa Bay Area at only $40-50 per session depending on the area being treated.

If not for you, please spread this information to friends and family. Most surgical candidates should give this conservative treatment a try before going under the knife!

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the trial

The Trial - Serialized Story of My Accident - Part 5

(of 6 - you can read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 in our web archives)

The first thing to consider when pursuing litigious reimbursement for your injuries is , "Who's gonna have to pay?" Most all would agree that if it weren't for insurance companies we would seldom sue our neighbors over accidental injuries. Unfortunately we do have insurance companies, and not only do they love to collect as many premiums from us as possible we can't legally drive a car without signing up with one of them.

I added up my yearly insurance bills (auto, home, office, life, health, worker's comp, liability, mortgage, flood, etc...) between our family and the two offices and decided that my accident induced disc herniation - that had already affected the way I worked; that would be something I would have to treat and worry about for the rest of my life; that could require surgery and/or put me out of work altogether sometime down the road - should be worth enough to cover my premiums for ten years following the accident. It didn't sound unreasonable - just enough to give it all back to the insurance industry over the next decade, hoping they don't raise their rates again!

The trial went wonderfully. My attorney did an outstanding job explaining the accident, injuries and potential future problems. The only thing the other side was able to do was merely hint at the false assumption that I was a "well-off" physician - someone much wealthier than the jury and certainly in no need of additional compensation. As the four day trial finally ended I became concerned with this perception that the defense had created. Could the jury possibly think I was an undeserving rich doctor after they watched me drive in every day in a 5-year old Toyota truck? Even though I'm far from a rich doctor should it really matter what your status is if you've been irreparably injured by no fault of your own?

When the judge finally read the verdict it was clear that the defense had greatly influenced the jury. My side won but the reimbursement was only enough to cover my insurance premiums for about a year and a half. It was already four years past the accident. The insurance company was more than pleased with the judgment knowing I was already in their debt again.

Next time I'll finish this up with part 6 and pull this all together with an announcement that will knock your socks off. How's that for a teaser?

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