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Dear Patients,

Healthcare has certainly been in the news lately and many patients have asked me how changes might affect the office. Trying to remain as apolitical as possible I can tell you that it's hard to imagine that health insurance reimbursement for chiropractic could get any worse. Therefore, any change has to be good - for you (the patient) and for me (the chiropractor). As a Board member of the Pinellas County Chiropractic Society and a recently named liaison to the Board of the Florida Chiropractic Association I have been working hard to guarantee chiropractic gets included in any new healthcare bill, BUT as a chiropractic patient you can be immensely more impressionable to our lawmakers. That's why ChiroVoice was created. If you would like to encourage our lawmakers that your chiropractic care should be covered then please take a few minutes to sign up. This is a non-profit organization that is very safe - I guarantee it. By signing up all you are offering is an email address and a name of a chiropractic patient that wants to support your good health. You will not be spammed or asked for any money. Thanks for your support and enjoy our newsletter.

Dr Dave Sandefur

Doctor of Chiropractic - Florida Chiropractor

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Florida Chiropractor's Patient Appreciation Week - winner of a New Dell Netbook, Michael

Patient Appreciation Week

Thanks to all who participated. We hope everyone enjoyed the free give-aways. Our grand prize winner of a New Dell Netbook was patient Michael P. His young daughter needed a computer for school so his good fortune was her gain! Our next event is our annual Thanksgiving food drive. Bring in any non-perishable food item the week of November 15-21st and receive either a free* session on our Aquamassage Table or a massage coupon.

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Curved Sole Shoes

Curved Sole Shoes

I've been doing this for a while so when a new product comes out touting that it can help back pain I take it with a grain of salt. I usually see 150 patients a week so I get to conduct product surveys with each new invention. Products have ranged from inversion tables to tens units, from memory foam beds to back braces to anything you can imagine (radio frequency feedback meditation machines??) So far all have been inconclusive - they help some patients but not all. The curved soul shoe has proved otherwise. It was first introduced by MBT (us.mbt.com) in Europe in the late 90's and made its way to the US in 2004. The concept behind the curved soul shoe is to mimic natural, uneven ground that our bodies are more accustomed to. They claim this "anti" shoe will help you walk more upright, release tension from joints and train core muscles to help the back. All I can tell you is that I've interviewed at least 25 people who have used these shoes and 100% have claimed some level of improvement. If you're considering trying these shoes I hope this gives you some perspective AND if you know someone who was unhappy with these shoes tell them to talk to me - before these rocking chair kicks put me out of business :)

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we need your feedback

We need your feedback

The best way to get honest feedback is to allow the comments to be made anonymously. That's why we've had a comments box near the back door since 1996. Over the years we have received serious comments such as "get better magazines" and not-so-serious comments such as "the candy bars are too small" but I'd noticed that we hadn't received any comments for about a year. I think I figured out why. When the office was broken into twice in 2007 I installed a surveillance camera in the lobby. It's hard to be "anonymous" with a camera looking down upon you :) Here's what you should know about our lobby camera:

1) It seems to be working in deterring another break-in (knock on wood).
2) It only captures video when the office is closed (from 7pm-8am).

Therefore, if there's something that you'd like addressed please throw a comment in the box and rest assured that you will remain anonymous - please sign it for me though, if you want me to take it seriously - just kidding.

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car accident injury

The Injuries - Serialized Story of My Auto Accident - Part 3

After years of clinical research my theory that spinal problems can be traced back to a significant trauma was reinforced when I looked at my MRI. I had the sensation that something had happened the day of the accident. It felt like the lower half of my body had separated, but I could walk and it wasn't too painful - it just felt different. The body's protective and adaptive powers convince you that an injury is not that bad, when deep down you know that something major has happened.

Ten minutes after the collision I was dismissing the paramedics and consoling the causative driver all the while my adrenaline was ignoring any symptoms - all mistakes. Saying to the at-fault driver, "everything is alright, don't cry, I'm okay," can come back to haunt you in a deposition.

And as much as I hate it to admit it, my short sighted jury was less convinced by a picture of a 7mm disc herniation and more influenced by my choice not to go to a hospital. "How could he be injured if he didn't go to the emergency room?" "If I saw my husband's truck upside down in the road, I'd take him to the hospital myself." In this case, having too much knowledge hurt me. I knew the emergency room didn't want to deal with me. If you don't have a broken bone, a missing a limb or facing eminent death than the e-room triage will waste your evening and most of the next morning. I chose instead to comfort my girls, who were 3 & 5 at the time, that dad was okay, that he didn't disappear in an ambulance and that he could walk and talk just like before his truck was upside down in the middle of the road.

An hour later I was sitting in a friend's office, an osteopath who works weekends in a trauma center, as he removed pieces of glass and patched me up. I was okay - lower back pain, left shoulder not working quite right, but I was treating patients the next day. With a significant lumbar disc herniation I knew my prognosis would be iffy, but I had to try. In my next installment I'll talk about post-accident treatment and my opportunity to follow my own advice.

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Holiday Office Closings

Our offices will be closed on:

  • Thur & Friday, November 26-27 for Thanksgiving
  • Thur & Friday, December 24-25 for Christmas & Thur-Friday
  • December 31-Janury 1 for New Years

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