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Sports Injuries

In recent years chiropractic has become the obvious choice for sports injuries. Strains/sprains can be managed effectively with the regimen of diagnostic and treatment choices in a chiropractic setting. Most offices have access to high tech diagnostic equipment such as x-ray and MRI. Treatment can include ice/heat, ultrasound, aquamassage, electrical muscle stimulation and joint alignment. Broken bones are referred to orthopedic medical doctors, but short of that, the therapy option in a chiropractic setting is more tailored to specific sites of injury and often involves more interaction with the treating physician than in a medical setting (see

Chiropractic may be most effective in the prevention of sport's injuries. By keeping the spine functioning at its best and thereby allowing optimal posture and strength, sport's injuries are much less likely to occur. These days it is a given that a sport's team has a team chiropractor (see Optimal Performance). For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractors please contact us today.

Written by Dr. David Sandefur

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