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Infertility And Impotence

Infertility And Impotence

Positive chiropractic stories do not prove chiropractic’s effectiveness, but they’re sure fun, and there’s no place on the planet with as much hopeful and exciting health miracles as in a typical chiropractic office. My personal treatment success with infertility grew out of referrals. Our office had never promoted chiropractic as a potential treatment for infertility. But the word started getting around when several female patients who had been treating for lower back pain or unrelated symptoms had become pregnant after years of trying unsuccessfully. Finally, one day, a female patient came into my office with her only concern being that she and her husband were trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. They had been trying for a couple of years and were frustrated. I began treating her misalignments and they kept trying. After four months of occasional treatment she still was not pregnant. By this point we had corrected any spinal contribution to her infertility. It was frustrating for us, but we knew that not all causes of infertility could be treated by chiropractic. But, I had an idea. I asked, “Has your husband ever been to a chiropractor?” The answer was no. I encouraged her to bring him in for a few appointments. After just three treatments to the husband, they were please to announce their future addition to the family. Their son is a healthy four year old boy now.

We have had our share of failures in this regard. Chiropractic may not be the answer for all cases of infertility. Unfortunately, if a spinal misalignment is the cause of your infertility it will never get diagnosed as such in an allopathic setting. This is one of those conditions that may or may not respond to chiropractic, but it may be worth your time to give it a try. Chiropractic is certainly non-invasive. The effectiveness of chiropractic for these symptoms of infertility or sexual disorders is based on the philosophy that nerve interference in the lower spine may affect nerve communication to the sexual organs. By correcting spinal misalignments and restoring the nerve communication these organs may begin functioning correctly again.

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