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Senior Healthcare

Senior Healthcare

In my ten years of chiropractic practice I have treated patients as young as 30 minutes old and as experienced as 96 years. At Florida Chiropractor we have specialized techniques for the needs of the elderly. Many of our geriatric patients seek chiropractic care due to frustrations with allopathic treatment. They get fed up with more and more prescription drugs piling up. One of their biggest frustrations is those hopeless ailments that medical doctors associate with age. People never want to hear, “There’s nothing we can do about that problem. It’s an age-related condition.” Many elderly patients assume that arthritis is something to expect as you get older. In fact, arthritis is not age related. It is time related. It takes time to develop. Arthritis is a condition that can be prevented with chiropractic care and managed once it exists. By keeping joints functioning to the best of their ability chiropractic can have a bigger impact on arthritis pain than a whole bottle of Celebrex.

Besides the musculoskeletal help that chiropractic can offer our wisened and more experienced patients, it can also offer overall improved body function and quite possibly a reduced dependency on multiple medications. Although, in this regard, any patient should always talk to their doctor before altering any of their prescriptions.

Medicare covers chiropractic treatment and Florida Chiropractor currently accepts Medicare assignment. This means that when you have reached your deductible most of our services can be provided with no out-of-pocket expense to you. For more information see our insurance section.

The best advice is to take care of yourself, no matter how old you are. When the quantity of life may be gradually decreasing there’s no reason not to do everything you can to keep the quality of life as high as possible and that is what chiropractic can offer.

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