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Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Many patients of mine who become new expectant mothers assume that their chiropractic days are over during their pregnancy. “I can’t have you pushing on my back now that I’m pregnant,” they will say. Unfortunately, the hormonal and physical changes that happen during pregnancy can amplify a spinal pain or disorder. Fortunately, chiropractors are trained to treat our pregnant patients through all the stages of their pregnancy. At Florida Chiropractor we begin by tailoring our treatment technique to the needs of our newly expectant mothers. Fast, jarring maneuvers are replaced by gentle stretching and slow adjusting techniques. Our special tables are designed to change with the patient. Dropping abdominal pieces allow our pregnant patients to lay face down without discomfort.

Lower back pain is a common complaint in pregnant patients as they enter their third trimester. Besides the added weight pushing on nerves, changes in posture can exaggerate existing spinal misalignments. At Florida Chiropractor we stretch pelvic bones in one direction for the comfort of the mother, changing the stretching direction near the due date to make room for the baby. This technique has not only shown comfortable for the mothers but can make the delivery more predictable, painless and speedy. A recent patient of ours, that we treated throughout her pregnancy, delivered within a day of her expected due date and was in labor for less than two hours.

Along with these positive aspects of prenatal chiropractic care, the biggest contribution is with its general wellness effects. By keeping the spine in alignment and removing nerve interference, the neural communication involving the activities of fetus development are unhindered and perform at their best.

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