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Children And Chiropractic

Children And Chiropractic

In my ten years of chiropractic practice I have treated patients as old as 96 and as young as 30 minutes. When my first daughter was born she experienced a pretty traumatic birth. She was apparently very happy with where she was at because after many hours of pushing, pulling, forceps and vacuum extractors she was not making things easy. After an emergency c-section, my wife and I were happy with a healthy baby girl. The only problem was she couldn�t turn her head to the right. I watched in the nursery as my baby girl held her head rotated to the left. If a nurse tried to move it, she cried. I finally made it past the glass to her side after 30 minutes. I tried to turn her head and she winced. She just laid there with her eyes closed, and her head pushed to the side. I didn�t know what to do, so I just felt around the back of her neck. I could feel a misalignment in her upper cervical vertebra. I gently massaged and pressed on the protrusion and after a few seconds it slid into place. Right at that moment, my daughter turned her head to me, opened her eyes and gave the world her first smile.

Children and chiropractic

Children can certainly benefit from chiropractic care, but not everyone needs adjusted. Many times, children are examined and analyzed with results being that they are in great spinal health. It takes a fair amount of artificial, mechanical intervention (such as a vacuum extractor!) to cause a spinal misalignment. Falls from the jungle gym, spills off the bike and even car accidents can be the catalyst for a spinal injury. In most cases with children, these injuries can be managed quickly and with just a few chiropractic adjustments the spine is back to its original health. Unfortunately, if these misalignments are ignored they can lead to more problems in the future.

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