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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Treatment For Sports Injuries With Chiropractic Care In St. Petersburg, Florida

Whether you play sports casually or whether you play for the Tampa Bay Rays, a qualified sports chiropractor can help you perform at peak levels. Becoming a master at a particular sport requires not only incredible levels of fitness, but focus and dedication as well. Hours upon hours of practice is required to perform at competitive levels, which also requires lots of exercise and attention to detail when it comes to maintaining an athletic body.

Unfortunately, if routine maintenance is skipped, the fatigue that extreme exercise puts on the muscles and skeletal system can quickly overwhelm the body. The jarring often associated with high impact sports, can cause injury even to the healthiest of athletes. When an injury does occur, chiropractic treatments can help speed up the recovery process in order to get you back to performing at your best in no time.

How To Prevent Sports Injuries With Chiropractic Adjustments

When your spine is aligned properly, it can help the body to maintain the proper posture needed to prevent sports injuries from occurring in the first place. Dr. Dave Sandefur has spent years studying and researching the biomechanics of the human body. Armed with this knowledge, we can properly adjust the body to restore it to its peak performance levels and optimum range of motion.

Optimize Athletic Performance

In one study done in 2002, about 36% of NFL teams employed the use of a chiropractor. Today nearly all NFL teams rely on chiropractic care for their athletes. In fact, some of the most well known names in sports, including Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, swear by chiropractic care as a way to maintain their premium athletic abilities.

Regular chiropractic adjustments keep the body working at optimal levels. A properly aligned spine also helps reduce the risk of injury and reduces recovery time when an injury does occur.

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