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Legal FAQ

Legal FAQ

Attorney Questions

I was in an accident. Do I need an attorney?

Florida Chiropractor does not make this decision for our patients. We provide information, guidance and direction in how best to treat your injuries and provide for your future well-being. If you do not want an attorney involved with your particular accident case, we will be supportive and offer any information you may need to handle claims on your own. If you need help finding an attorney, our many years of experience can offer a list of suggested attorneys based on need, geography and past patient satisfaction.

Wouldn’t a medical doctor look better as my treating physician for my case?

The majority of medical doctors are neither educated, prepared nor interested in involving themselves in a potential auto accident legal situation. Most medical doctors will not accept auto insurance. Chiropractors are the best educated and most experienced in treating auto injuries. Chiropractors are your greatest representative in explaining your injuries and/or related disabilities in a legal forum. I personally have many days of courtroom, on-the-stand experience. I have provided hours and hours of deposition testimony. Chiropractor’s expertise in these matters are already widely known in the legal community. Once this becomes more known in the general population, chiropractors will be know as the auto injury experts.

I’d like to come to Florida Chiropractor, but my attorney referred me somewhere else. What should I do?

Florida Chiropractor has been working with attorneys for many years in the St. Petersburg area and has developed a great reputation. Tell your attorney that you would like to go to Florida Chiropractor. Chances are that your attorney has had a successful and positive relationship with our office in the past and will encourage that you contact us. As stated earlier, we do not involve ourselves with the patient’s decision on whether or not to contact an attorney. We are healthcare providers and our focus is the patient’s well-being. If your attorney discourages you from visiting our office – if your attorney is making healthcare decisions for you, you may want to question his or her motives, that is unless your attorney holds a license in medicine or chiropractic too.