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Insurance FAQ

Insurance FAQ

General Insurance Questions

HMO/PPO – In Network Questions

Medicare Questions

Workman’s (Worker’s) Compensation

Medicaid Questions

Do you accept my insurance?

Florida Chiropractor works with all types of insurance.

Is Florida Chiropractor in my network? You’re not in my network book.

Florida Chiropractor accepts your insurance even if we are not in your network. Our philosophy has always been to offer the benefits of our patient’s insurance plan even if our office has been excluded from your network. This allows you to receive many of the same benefits you would be entitled to if you went to a network provider. Call (727) 345-4242 for details.

Why shouldn’t I just go to someone in my network?

Some of these plans have been made so exclusive that only one or two chiropractors in the area have been allowed into the network. As you can imagine, these offices have benefited and are typically very busy. It may take weeks to get an appointment and these offices are often crowded. With our plan you can receive many of these same in-network benefits in a much more accommodating office.

Do I need a referral from my primary care physician to come to Florida Chiropractor?

No, you do not need a referral from your primary care physician to visit Florida Chiropractor. You do not need permission from your insurance company to be treated at Florida Chiropractor.

I have Medicare, do you accept Medicare?

Medicare covers chiropractic treatment with any licensed chiropractor in the state of Florida. Florida Chiropractor utilizes the latest billing procedures to ensure proper reimbursement for Medicare.

If I have Medicare, do I have to pay anything?

Chiropractic treatment is covered by Medicare. Once your yearly deductible has been met, we accept Medicare on assignment. This means that we take the time to file all the reports, notes and billing necessary to be reimbursed. All it takes from you is a few signatures. Medicare does not cover the expense of x-rays and these are often needed before treatment can be started. If they are performed in our office (we have x-ray equipment on site) this will be an out of pocket expense. As with all fees, these will be discussed with you before the procedure is performed. You have the option to have your x-rays performed by your primary doctor which may be covered by Medicare.

I do not have insurance. What are the fees at Florida Chiropractor?

The fees at Florida Chiropractor are the same for everyone. Due to the added expense in filing insurance claims, i.e. additional employees, reports, notes, delay in reimbursement, denials, etc., we are able to offer a discount for patients who pay at the time of service. These fees are competitive and very affordable. Since every patient is different and has a unique set of chiropractic needs, total fees may be different from case to case. Florida Chiropractor always discusses with the patient any fees before they are performed. If you need more specific information about particular charges please call us @ 345-4242.

Does your office accept workman’s (worker’s) comp?

Florida Chiropractor has successfully treated work injuries for over 20 years. The worker’s compensation insurance program has changed in many ways over this time period. At present, the Florida legislature has opened worker’s compensation to any licensed physician. If you are involved with worker’s compensation and would like to experience the healing benefits of a treatment program with Florida Chiropractor, please call our office @ (727) 345-4242 for a free consultation with one of our doctors. During this visit our insurance department can research and confirm your worker’s compensation benefits.

I was injured at work but I haven’t started a claim. What should I do?

Florida Chiropractor has had years of experience treating worker’s injuries. Contact our office first for a free consultation. We can help direct you to the proper authorization contact within your company to secure your worker’s compensation benefits. We will also take the time to thoroughly examine your injuries and we understand the paperwork required in these types of cases. We can even help with an attorney referral if needed.

Do you accept Medicaid?

At this time Florida Chiropractor has not been accepted as a Medicaid provider. Since this plan does not have an equitable co-pay we ask that you contact your Medicaid representative for participating providers.